Saturday, March 3, 2018

All Windows laptops suck

   Though I have never owned a MacBook I have played with them in the Apple store for much time and the experience you get from the buttery smooth track pad responsiveness to the integration of MacOS on the hardware is unmatched. You pay a hefty premium obviously for this experience though which some might argue keep it that way. Though I am more of a desktop/monitor and mouse kind of guy I have tried using a Windows (Dell) laptops and they have always seemed "clunky." They are bigger, or thicker, louder and tend to run warmer even when just playing Youtube videos. Conclusion of this opinion rambling is I'll stick to my Dell desktop and monitor on a desk until I can splurge on a sweet MacBook.
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Thursday, August 10, 2017


   I asked for votes for a video submission contest I put up on my second channel. On my main channel I asked my audience for help by just voting on the contest website. I got lot's of nice comments and support but also 13 unsubscribes, but whatever.
   Youtube tip: Don't ask your audience to help you. Granted I received way more genuine support from my fans and for that I am humbled and so thankful. But others don't give two shits and want no part in another person possibly winning an online contest. I deleted the video asking for help on my main channel (I was going to anyway) but fun story the video got 15 likes and zero dislikes and lot's of nice supportive comments. Yay me!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

David Dobrik in the Title

 Six days ago after watching all the Snapchat stories of David Dobrik's friends in Las Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday I thought to record all of them and neatly compile them to a Youtube video. I uploaded it to my second channel and now it has over 13,000 views and insanely high watch time. I did monetize it not to make a quick buck but to see what kind of revenue it could do. Within two days it got claimed by Collab and was ranked #1 in search for "David Dobrik birthday" ahead of even David's vlog about this. I have put cards and end cards in the video to related videos and it is driving some traffic to those videos which actually gets me more excited than the insane views than this one video does.
 I often wondered before why compilation videos of popular people were always still up and not taken down, I realize now that networks like Collab would rather they be up and claim them to get as many monetized views as possible for themselves as supposed their property.
 In the case of my Snapchat compilation video I can tell people really enjoyed watching it by the large number of likes it has received and people thanking me in the comments for creating it because they missed these stories, after all it is Snapchat.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I wish I had an online following

   See that, that's just a random reply tweet to Niantic Pokemon Go Twitter, it was of my usual witty replies but this one took off as "popular" or "relatable". It got 56 likes and 3 retweets with over 18,000 impressions. Compare these numbers to someone with an online presence and they'll seem like nothing by comparison but still.
   I try to tweet most every day and come up with interesting things to tweet about and even tweet on trending hashtags. I even promote it on my popular videos on both channels but to no positive result. I've been on 70-75 followers for over a year and cannot gain an audience, what exactly does it take for an online following? I get it, I'm not good-looking but I can be very funny if I do say so myself.  But for just one reply tweet at a time I can get just a glimpse of some online popularity.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Laptop or desktop computer?

Here's another comment I left on a Youtube video about "Top laptops 2017" (My story)

I haven't owned a laptop before. A few years ago when looking to buy a new computer (the one I use now) I was on a bit of a budget (about $750ish) I sort of wanted a laptop so I got a nice Dell 17" core i7 about $800 on Amazon and was so excited to use it and after a week I realized either A. I wasn't a laptop guy or B. this wasn't the laptop for me. Thank goodness for Amazon easy returns, so I got a nice Dell desktop i7 productivity unit for about $650ish and couldn't be happier, I got a nice 19" widescreen Dell monitor the next black Friday at Best Buy for $99. Looking back now I'm a little from column A and a little from column B. The Dell laptop I got (and returned) from 2014, that's only 3 years ago, seemed dated compared to a MacBook at the time even. If I were to splurge (which is tough for me) and get a MacBook I am positive I could become a laptop guy. So what am I now, column A or B...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Rant About Android

I posted this as a comment on a Pocket Now video about the new OnePlus 5 phone.
   I really like this phone for specs and hardware and pricing but come on guys 5.5 inch is the norm now!? How about a nice 5" device to fit nicely in my hand and pocket. They wonder why iPhone is popular even with a 4.7" screen, it's because it can be used with one hand without thinking about your phone. Yet EVERY Android phone today has to be a two-hander or a one-hander piece-of-junk small budget device. I've been with Android for too long and keep telling myself to go to iPhone but I don't and every year I'm using a sub-flagship still, great but not GREAT-great. I'm aware the S8 is about the size of an iPhone but it's also pricier as well which begs the question why not just get an iPhone and have many, many more years of updates, and timelier as well. We'll see what happens this year... Story of my life. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Instagram Stories better than Snapchat?

   Are Instagram Stories more relatable and thereby better than Snapchat for telling good well, Stories. In my opinion the interface is more well suited to be easier but more accessible than Snapchat's "I'm only good on iPhone designed for millennials" app design.  Is Instagram Stories a blatant copy of Snapchat? Yes but it's competition and competition leads to better stuff in the future or at least it should anyway.
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All Windows laptops suck

   Though I have never owned a MacBook I have played with them in the Apple store for much time and the experience you get from the buttery ...