Friday, November 8, 2013

A Week Away!

    I played with the PS4 at Best Buy recently.  My thoughts on the new Dualshock 4 are that it feels comfortable to hold while maintaining the same overall Playstation controller feeling.  The L2 and R2 triggers are the biggest difference here and felt nearly foreign compared to PS3.  Swiping through menus with the center touchpad will be fun and second nature to most everyone.  Pressing the share button next week will be fun to record that epic BF4 moment.
    I played Knack which plays okay and certain details really look impressive graphically.  I don't see this game as truly next gen, at least not in this demo anyway.  There are some areas with multiple enemies on screen and there is significant frame stuttering.  I also played Pinball Arcade which is also on the PS3 and PS Vita already.  This game impressed me, it looks exceptionally sharp.  The lighting and reflections on the silver ball are so real you lose track of the game staring at it.  There are other demos such as FIFA Soccer and Contrast I didn't play.
    One more week! 

PS4 at Best Buy West Hollywood.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Best AT&T Fusion 2 (Gophone) Review on the Internet

    For a budget smartphone this phone holds its own very well.   Compared to other phones on contract that are subsidized it comes up short in overall technology.  But one cannot compare this phone to the iPhone for example, as it will lose every time.  However it can be compared to other phones in the pre-paid arena and come out on top.  I have had this phone for over 6 months, it is my first smartphone (but I have used and played with iPhones from other people) so I know what to look for a smartphone comparison. 
    Having had this Fusion 2 for six months I have seen a lot of good using this phone and some bad.  Firstly, the cost is $80 which is an incredible smartphone for the money.  It has a great form factor with its 3.5 inch screen and thin profile, very pocket friendly.  Good bright screen still visible in daylight though washes out some it could be brighter though.  Wifi works and connects and stays connected great.  I have not had any occurrences of dropping a call and the voice clarity is excellent.  Texting is as instant as the other newer smartphones, very easy. 
    There are some downsides though, because it isn't the newest and greatest tech inside it has its limits.  Not running the latest Android version, though 2.3.6 (gingerbread) it does what's needed of it though.  Don't expect to play high-end graphics games here, basic apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Scorecenter for sports nuts, stock market apps all run very well as do simpler, casual games.  It does have a camera but in anything other than ideal lighting pictures won't look great, it's passable though just barely.
    What it comes down to in the end is ultimately cost involvement every month, and this phone and AT&T's excellent Gophone plans are great, very affordable for anyone.  Battery life is flat-out amazing, I leave it on always and get 2 - 3 days before a charge with Wifi on always and with fairly constant use. 
    Who is this smartphone for?  Anyone looking for a smartphone without breaking the bank monthly. As a first smartphone perhaps.  Is it top of the line, not even close but it does a lot for the price. 
    What I would like to see in say a Fusion 3 if there should ever be one, the same $80 (to $100) price, vastly improved camera with flash, slightly improved processor with newer Android version, and that's about it really.  I don't see myself carrying this phone for another 3 years, but I will for a while still, it does a lot well and costs practically nothing monthly.  
AT&T Fusion 2, good modern phone look and feel on a budget

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