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My MAG Platinum Trophy Acquisition

On a side note I cannot wait for Little Big Planet 2 to come out on January 18.

MAG Platinum Trophy

There it is, over 370 hours of gaming achieved.  In my opinion MAG is the most fulfilling online shooter to come out in the past few years.  I will still continue to play now that I have attained the trophy, though I am sure I'll lower my weekly hours. 

My final trophy before the platinum.  I had some great defense games that night. I got my final medal rather easily that evening.

    My prediction for next platinum trophy will be Little Big Planet 2 in January, a fun game even without trophies to obtain.

One More Medal!

I just earned my 1000th sniper rifle kill earning me another medal in addition to completing the last of the silver trophies.  All that remains in my goal of platinum is just one more medal for the eager beaver trophy.  Getting there might take some time as my remaining medals aren't very easy but I am close on some of them.  I will post here as soon as I accomplish my platinum trophy.

Massive Action Trophies

After months of sitting on three fragger ribbons I got two in one evening playing new game mode Escalation.  In a close game I just kept throwing grenades in objective D ran back a bit to resupply and ran back in and threw more grenades.  With a few multi-kill grenades mixed in it wasn't too difficult after all.  I then played a game of Domination for the ten minute longer match length to be certain I get 25 machine gun kills for my fifth machine gun ribbon and the trophy.

The next night I played a few matches and focused on the assault rifle to get just two more assault ribbons needed for the trophy.  The assault rifle is a great overall weapon I neglected for a while to use the faster shooting sub-machine gun.

I now only have two trophies remaining for the platinum.  Headhunter trophy which I only need 300 more sniper kills for the medal and trophy.  The eager beaver trophy which is to get at least 58 medals, I have 53 currently.  I will keep you posted on my progress as usual.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign Review

Now that I have played through and beat the campaign portion I can give a better opinion on the game.  It is spectacular to say the very least.  For a military themed game like this it is very enjoyable to play through all the missions.  The missions are very varied offering many unique ways to play every mission besides the straight up run to the next checkpoint approach.  The soundtrack is amazingly engaging and really fits in well pulling you further in than you already are.  Treyarch is so much better than Infinity Ward at creating a more gripping campaign as evidenced here and previously World at War.  The only flaw is one can play through the game in a day as it only really involves about seven hours to complete on normal difficulty.  There is some replayabilty built in with trying to obtain all trophies in a second veteran difficulty playthrough.  Multiplayer aside, this game is worth the purchase, the multiplayer only makes it that much more of an amazing package. 

DirecTV Conan Show Typo

I noticed this last night watching Conan.  Acotr LL Cool J is guest on this show.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Review

At this time I am reviewing the multiplayer portion of Black Ops, however I will review the single player campaign soon (as soon as I beat it.)
   Black Ops is the biggest selling game of the year and it delivers.  The big thing about multiplayer in this Call of Duty is variety.  There is so much to do in the multiplayer side it is almost overwhelming.  In World at War the Zombies co-op was the highlight for most players pretty much outshining the competitive multiplayer.  In Black Ops it is every bit as impressive only this time the multiplayer can hold its own. 
   The competitive multiplayer games are even more deep than ever offering more of everything and improving on what Modern Warfare 2 did wrong.  Killstreak rewards have been toned down but not to the point of uselessness.  Ranking up and unlocking newer weapons is still the goal for many and this game has weapons and attachments that one can spend almost as much time menu surfing than actually playing.  Perks are more ba…

Not So Precious Cargo

SUCCESS! For I have acquired this trophy after many, many games of acquistion.  What is most remarkable, according to the in-game stats my twenty escort vehicle destroys is more than 97% of all MAG players, and that's the minimum needed for the trophy.  My next goal in MAG is three more combat fragger ribbons to meet the needed five for the "A whole lotta hurt" trophy.  Be sure I will post again when accomplished.

Almost Precious Cargo

Perhaps one of the the toughest trophies in MAG is almost mine.  I am currently sitting at 18 of the required 20 escort vehicle destroys for this trophy unlock.  Getting these last two is feeling tiring though.  Attacking forces are really getting away before I can destroy, this trophy is part luck. Perhaps a change like anti-tank mines then the finishing RPG for the destroy.  I cannot wait for the moment I hit that last vehicle for the trophy!  I am certain it will bring a huge smile to my face.

Playstation Move

I got the Playstation Move on what was more of an impulse buy. I was interested in the Wii but never got one. Motion gaming is fun but never could I realize it is this much fun. Playing the Sports Champions pack-in game (the Move bundle) is so addicting. I keep wanting to come back more and more to it.  Table tennis shows off the one-to-one tracking Sony touted very well, in fact all six games do!
     I created a short sped up video showing the range of motion needed in the gold cup level games.