Friday, June 30, 2017

Laptop or desktop computer?

Here's another comment I left on a Youtube video about "Top laptops 2017" (My story)

I haven't owned a laptop before. A few years ago when looking to buy a new computer (the one I use now) I was on a bit of a budget (about $750ish) I sort of wanted a laptop so I got a nice Dell 17" core i7 about $800 on Amazon and was so excited to use it and after a week I realized either A. I wasn't a laptop guy or B. this wasn't the laptop for me. Thank goodness for Amazon easy returns, so I got a nice Dell desktop i7 productivity unit for about $650ish and couldn't be happier, I got a nice 19" widescreen Dell monitor the next black Friday at Best Buy for $99. Looking back now I'm a little from column A and a little from column B. The Dell laptop I got (and returned) from 2014, that's only 3 years ago, seemed dated compared to a MacBook at the time even. If I were to splurge (which is tough for me) and get a MacBook I am positive I could become a laptop guy. So what am I now, column A or B...

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