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My MAG Platinum Trophy Acquisition

On a side note I cannot wait for Little Big Planet 2 to come out on January 18.

MAG Platinum Trophy

There it is, over 370 hours of gaming achieved.  In my opinion MAG is the most fulfilling online shooter to come out in the past few years.  I will still continue to play now that I have attained the trophy, though I am sure I'll lower my weekly hours. 

My final trophy before the platinum.  I had some great defense games that night. I got my final medal rather easily that evening.

    My prediction for next platinum trophy will be Little Big Planet 2 in January, a fun game even without trophies to obtain.

One More Medal!

I just earned my 1000th sniper rifle kill earning me another medal in addition to completing the last of the silver trophies.  All that remains in my goal of platinum is just one more medal for the eager beaver trophy.  Getting there might take some time as my remaining medals aren't very easy but I am close on some of them.  I will post here as soon as I accomplish my platinum trophy.