Saturday, July 29, 2017

David Dobrik in the Title

 Six days ago after watching all the Snapchat stories of David Dobrik's friends in Las Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday I thought to record all of them and neatly compile them to a Youtube video. I uploaded it to my second channel and now it has over 13,000 views and insanely high watch time. I did monetize it not to make a quick buck but to see what kind of revenue it could do. Within two days it got claimed by Collab and was ranked #1 in search for "David Dobrik birthday" ahead of even David's vlog about this. I have put cards and end cards in the video to related videos and it is driving some traffic to those videos which actually gets me more excited than the insane views than this one video does.
 I often wondered before why compilation videos of popular people were always still up and not taken down, I realize now that networks like Collab would rather they be up and claim them to get as many monetized views as possible for themselves as supposed their property.
 In the case of my Snapchat compilation video I can tell people really enjoyed watching it by the large number of likes it has received and people thanking me in the comments for creating it because they missed these stories, after all it is Snapchat.

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