Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 And Beyond!

    On December 26, 2014 I wrote on what goals I have for the next year for my Youtube channel and social media experiences. Although I have been very absent from writing on this blog throughout 2015 I have accomplished and crushed all goals set forth.
    I set a goal for 2015 of 300 subscriber to my Youtube channel, keep in mind at the time I had 130 subscribers and thought 300 was mega-huge. Well, as of this writing my Youtube channel has just over 3,100 subscribers and surpassed 1.1 million total views, 1 million of them coming 2015 alone. My goal for 2016 is going to be much larger than last year's, I feel 6,000 subscribers seems possible yet slightly out of reach, it makes for a good goal.
   On to social media goals and experiences, back last January I wanted to tweet more and build an audience on the platform. Over the course of 2015 I have been tweeting a lot to people with the occasional actual tweet going out to my followers, all 30 of them as of today. I have tweeted close to 700 times, most of which are @ replies, for 2016 I would like to tweet an actual tweet at least once a day or at minimum 5 times a week, In total I would like to see the tweet total doubled to 1,500 quality tweet replies and tweets. I am starting to post on screen at the end of videos lately my twitter handle in the hopes to build a quality audience on Twitter.
    Videos editing has improved and become easier since buying Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. I am still surprised how this Sony Vegas program is only $40 when it seems identical to the big Sony Vegas editor costing hundred of dollars. It is a major step up from using Movavi editor, which was OK but lacked some more advanced techniques. So, goal accomplished but I would like to do some more fancy editing over the course of the year, so here's to that.
    The toughest goal for myself in 2016 is to make one or some videos of myself in front of the camera talking to my viewers, be it a Q&A style video like other Youtubers do, to a vlog where I talk of a subject at hand. This will be tough goal building the courage. But easier could be some voice-over work over a muted game play video playing.
    I also wrote that I wanted to blog more in 2015 to which I did none. In 2016, I am setting a goal for myself to blog here once a month about myself to encourage me and perhaps someone else they can whatever they dream.
    2016 and beyond....

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