Saturday, July 22, 2017

I wish I had an online following

   See that, that's just a random reply tweet to Niantic Pokemon Go Twitter, it was of my usual witty replies but this one took off as "popular" or "relatable". It got 56 likes and 3 retweets with over 18,000 impressions. Compare these numbers to someone with an online presence and they'll seem like nothing by comparison but still.
   I try to tweet most every day and come up with interesting things to tweet about and even tweet on trending hashtags. I even promote it on my popular videos on both channels but to no positive result. I've been on 70-75 followers for over a year and cannot gain an audience, what exactly does it take for an online following? I get it, I'm not good-looking but I can be very funny if I do say so myself.  But for just one reply tweet at a time I can get just a glimpse of some online popularity.

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