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LBP Vita Arcade Challenge Update #2

Three down, two to go!  What's left?  Only the toughest parts of the remaining two games.  I would like to set a goal time of end of January, I'll keep trying.

LBP Vita Arcade Challenge Update #1

Scratch off one more game complete.  I'm nearly done with Stratosphere but it is really trying my patience with how precise I have to be in key parts.  Super Conductor is no doubt going to be the toughest for me.

Playstation Plus Review

Playstation Plus - Why didn't I subscribe sooner?  When I read that Plus was coming for the Vita this past month I figured now is the time to subscribe for all the added benefits coming for the Vita in addition to what's already available for the PS3.  One of the bigger draws to me is the online game saves storage (the cloud.)  It gives a sense of security for those hard earned and time consuming game saves especially for the tougher games.  The biggest new feature of Plus for majority of subscribers is the "instant game collection" as Sony puts it.  Had I subscribed earlier I would have had access to PS3 games months ago but I'll look forward to what I'll have now and in future additions.
   I have already downloaded Wipeout 2048, I was interested in this game at launch but never got it. It is incredibly fun and in many ways better than Wipeout HD on the PS3.  I would also like to download Uncharted Golden Abyss (another free full game) but at just over 3…