Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Rant About Android

I posted this as a comment on a Pocket Now video about the new OnePlus 5 phone.
   I really like this phone for specs and hardware and pricing but come on guys 5.5 inch is the norm now!? How about a nice 5" device to fit nicely in my hand and pocket. They wonder why iPhone is popular even with a 4.7" screen, it's because it can be used with one hand without thinking about your phone. Yet EVERY Android phone today has to be a two-hander or a one-hander piece-of-junk small budget device. I've been with Android for too long and keep telling myself to go to iPhone but I don't and every year I'm using a sub-flagship still, great but not GREAT-great. I'm aware the S8 is about the size of an iPhone but it's also pricier as well which begs the question why not just get an iPhone and have many, many more years of updates, and timelier as well. We'll see what happens this year... Story of my life. 

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