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Battlefield 3

If you look back two posts you'll read how excited I was for the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3.  I had the hardened edition arrive from on release day and played it lot until realizing it isn't as good and refined as Black Ops.  MW3 lacked certain elements from Black Ops that should be in it.  The ability to join a friend and group up before entering a game lobby without the constant need of an invite is one.  MW3's graphics have a hazy (almost over fog) look to it in multiplayer. Compare this to Black Ops where everything is super sharp and nicely colored.  MW3 may play at a faster frame rate than Black Ops but if the colors are blending too much due to poor graphics than what's the point of 60 FPS.  Finally, the multiplayer maps all felt way too small (to force close quarter combat probably) and similar with too many forced choke points.
   Fast-forward to black Friday I see Battlefield 3 on sale for $37 so I picked it up.  My previous impression…

Hot Wheels Stop Motion I Made