Thursday, October 10, 2013

My BF4 Beta Review

    I've had the Battlefield 4 beta for a week and have played about 5 hours in it and my first thoughts are that it is very rough.  Rough around the edges even for a beta a month away from release on current generation system.  There is only map playable on two modes, conquest and domination.   I enjoy domination more because it centers the action more for the 24 player matches on PS3.   The controls after a couple hours become second-nature again to a BF3 minded player with the slight changes to the layout.  The gun sounds are all unique and one can still differentiate what guns are what based on the sound, much like BF3. 
    On to the bad parts, as I already said it is rough even for a beta.  The end match graphics don't always appear properly nor are they always properly placed on screen.  My biggest complaint is the change to the gun leveling up for new attachments.  No longer are new attachments rewards for getting kills with a gun but now they are what appears to be luck based in the form of "battle packs."  For example, I have been playing mostly assault class with one weapon and at rank 3 I earned a battle pack giving me 3 attachments for an engineer weapon I have barely used.  I don't fully understand this concept at this stage of the game but it may improve.  
    It plays like BF3 which is a good thing and it adds some elements like 5 player squads, commander mode which isn't in this beta but does seem intriguing and new weapons to learn to master.  I think the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be the superior way to play with 64 players matches and using the full size of the maps.  This beta only showed in the end it is very rough still in development.  

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