Friday, October 26, 2012

Sports Champions 2 Demo Review

   Sports Champions 2 demo plays wonderfully, not surprising because it is made by the same folks who made the first one. Tennis is way, way fun and I really want to play it on tougher difficulty in the full game.  The opponent AI in this demo is obviously set on 'easy.'  Skiing is more fun than I thought and I really want to try different slopes. Golf plays like golf as it should requiring lots of swing to drive the ball, I hope we get 18 holes in the full game. The controls are brilliant with the 1-to-1 motion expected with the Move.  It's a day one purchase for even the mildest Sports Champions fan.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vita Trophies On My PS3

  Recent PS3 update 4.30 added some trophy functionality making Vita trophies viewable on the PS3.  It wasn't completely needed but what I like most is seeing the Vita's trophy tiles larger on my TV.  Also cool is seeing recently earned Vita trophies in the playercard as well. 

My recent LBP Vita trophies and a tough TOM Blitz gold trophy.       

All Windows laptops suck

   Though I have never owned a MacBook I have played with them in the Apple store for much time and the experience you get from the buttery ...